Lawyer with over 22 years of experience will handle your uncontested residential and commercial evictions for a

flat attorney services fee of $325."


Products & Services:

  1. Licensed California Attorney with 22 years of experience in landlord-tenant law

  2. $350 flat rate for uncontested residential or commercial evictions. Call or email us for court costs and fees.

  3. Bankruptcy & discovery are not included in flat rate fee.

  4. Adept at handling the intricacies of post foreclosure evictions.

  5. Call for your free phone consultation ~office visit not required ~ Start your eviction by phone today!

  6. We accept VISA and MasterCard.

Strictly Evictions, the fast, reliable, low cost eviction service serving both residential & commercial landlords throughout the Los Angeles & Orange County areas since 1988. Darlene Allen, a licensed California attorney with 22 years experience in landlord-tenant law will assist you with all your commercial & residential tenant problems. Call today to setup your free phone consultation & start an eviction by phone today.

Call for your free phone consultation today.

Attorney Services Fee $325 Flat Rate


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